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Innovative, institute of law,

Best and Top B.A. LL.B. College in Greater Noida UP

Good legal research can take place only in a free and fair environment. And only such environment will allow a researcher to challenge, question, think, examine, evaluate, engage, and develop scholarship and understanding on various issues that affect law and justice. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida is developing research capacities in several different areas of law. Research in law and its administration should also focus on the need for the protection of the rule of law and its impact on governance. To promote research and advanced legal studies in a institute, one of the important goals should be to ensure that legal scholars are given the maximum possible encouragement and freedom for the research and study they are pursuing. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida has given freedom to scholars to collaborate and develop useful partnerships and research exchange relationships with other

Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida, BA LLB students are given the opportunity to specialize in different areas of public and private laws. It is hoped that BA LLB students will be involved with legal aid clinics where they will have occasion to appreciate the challenges of poverty and issues relating to legal empowerment. With such relevant legal education, students graduating from Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida will have good job opportunities in diverse fields, both in India and abroad. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida has provided state of the art facilities for students the campus is connected through the Internet and have provided for the richest international and national databases it has facilities such as video conferencing and relaying of live lectures from other venues. The library is fully computerized and is connected with other libraries of the world.

Our LLB students and Law faculty members are provided with IT enabled services so that they can work speedily, efficiently and effectively. Apart from standard books, journals, periodicals also available are a host of other wide-ranging international and national research materials, either on the Internet or otherwise. Although the primary mission of Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida is to teach about the law and society as well as the basic advocacy skills required for a successful lawyer in Delhi India, it is providing to its students broad liberal education to prepare them to take up leadership roles in their chosen fields of work. To achieve this, liberal arts and non-law courses are being taught alongside law courses. It will also be the purpose of legal education to inculcate in students a sense of professionalism, responsibility towards society, respect for the rule of law and fundamental freedoms of others as well as the virtues of honesty, integrity and rectitude in their relationships with others.

Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida Law graduates can look forward to a wide variety of exciting career opportunities from positions in leading law firms in Delhi to working for government, civil society, or beyond. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida has established a Career Development and Placement Division to help provide career opportunities to students and Law graduates of Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida has signed Memoranda of Understandings (MoUs) with a number of reputed Indian law firms. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida is also developing collaborations with a number of other law firms including. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida also has extensive ties within government, businesses, and civil society, which are used to assist in placing our students and graduates. Whatever ones’ plans after graduation our Career Development Services are there to help.

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