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Girls hostel in greater noida

Girls Hostel in Greater Noida is your perfect choice for a safe and comfortable stay. Our Innovative Girls Hostel provides a wide selection of rooms to suit any budget, with the aim of providing a decent stay and the best possible learning environment. We are walking distance from Knowledge Park Metro station, so you don’t have to worry about transportation. Our hostel offers all the basic amenities such as bed, chair, table and water cooler. We also have a solar water heater, gymnasium and playground, as well as indoor gaming facilities. We also provide a mess facility for breakfast, tea, lunch and dinner. Our hostel supervisor, the Warden, is in charge of all the happenings of the hostel premises and is available at all times. She is receptive to communication and takes active steps in implementing your suggestions. We also conduct hostel review committee meetings every 15 days. If you’re looking for a safe and comfortable stay, look no further than Girls Hostel in Greater Noida. Our Innovative Girls Hostel is the perfect choice for your accommodation needs.


  • Walking Distance From Metro Station Knowledge Park-II
  • Nearby Pari Chowk, Ansal Plaza Mall & Market
girls hostel,girls hostel in noida,girls hostel in greater noida
  • Well Maintained Fully Furnished Rooms
  • AC/Non-AC Rooms
  • Delicious Homely Food
  • 24 Hours Electricity Back-up
  • 24 Hours Security
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Gym
  • In House Laundry
  • RO water / Water Cooler
  • Induction
  • Refrigerator
  • Transport Services


Welcome to Girls Hostel in Greater Noida, a safe and well-furnished residence for students. Our hostel provides decent accommodation with good surroundings, creating a homely and lively atmosphere ideal for academic success. We strive to provide the best facilities and amenities that make our guests feel comfortable and at home. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our guests are provided with the best infrastructure and services while they stay with us. With our 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance, we ensure that our guests are safe at all times. We also provide nutritious and healthy meals to our guests, ensuring that their studies are not hampered by inadequate nutrition. We are committed to providing a positive and welcoming environment for our guests, making them feel at home.

1. The Living Space

Girls hostel innovative institute of law,

The perfect student room! Our rooms come with the basic set of furniture every student needs. You get a comfortable bed with box, a private wardrobe, a study table, and a chair – all of which are essential. We also make sure that there is sufficient space between the furniture of adjacent students so that everyone has their own personal space. Make the most of your student experience with our student rooms!

girls hostel,girls hostel in noida,girls hostel in greater noida,
girls hostel,girls hostel in noida,girls hostel in greater noida,

This is why Innovative Girls Hostel is the perfect choice when it comes to safety and security. Their hostel is located in a college campus and has been designed to provide top-notch security features. From having clearly defined boundaries to installing CCTV cameras in the corridors, they have left no room for loopholes. Furthermore, their hostels have backup power supply and 24/7 security guards patrolling the premises to ensure the highest level of safety. With Innovative Girls Hostel, you can rest assured that your security is in the best of hands.

The cleanliness and hygiene of your hostel should never be in question. Our hostel employs dedicated and trained staff to make sure that every corner of your hostel remains spotless. Our staff is trained to ensure that the rooms and dining area are always kept hygienic, so you can enjoy your stay in a healthy and safe environment. We take pride in making sure that no corner of the hostel can be unhygienic so you can enjoy your stay in comfort and peace of mind.

girls hostel,girls hostel in noida,girls hostel in greater noida,
girls hostel,girls hostel in noida,girls hostel in greater noida,

This hostel provides its students with a variety of healthy and wholesome food options. With the great diversity of cultures and tastes represented in the student population, the hostel provides multi-cuisine catering services that serve Indian food. The hostel has a Mess Hall with a capacity of 200 members to dine at the same time, and the kitchen is designed to be hygienically operated and adheres to the prescribed food standards. A balanced menu is prepared every month by the student mess & menu committee in consultation with the hostel administrator, ensuring that all students have access to nutritious meals. With this hostel, students will be able to enjoy a variety of delicious and healthy meals, while also taking advantage of the convenient and diverse dining options available.

Following are the facilities are provided by the Mess:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch (On working days it will be provided in residents college campus)
  • Evening tea with light Snacks
  • Dinner
Rooms available are of the following grades:
  • (a) Single Bed Rooms
  • (b) Two Beds Rooms (AC/NON AC/Air Cooler)
  • (c) Triple Beds Rooms (AC/NON AC/Air Cooler)
  • (d) Four Bed Rooms
Each student is provided with a bed, a study table, study chair, and an almirah
Conditions For Hostel Admission
  • Admission to the college does not mean admission to the hostel. Owing to limited available seats, hostel admission cannot be assured to every college student.
  • Signature of guardian on hostel application form is mandatory.
  • Admission is confirmed only on the payment of fees.
  • Admission will be cancelled if a student or parents give incomplete or wrong information in the application form.

Students and parents are requested to read all the information and rules and regulations of hostel before submitting the application form

  • Click here for hostel application form
  • Click here for Hostel Broucher
  • Click here for Rules & Regulations
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