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Innovative, institute of law,

Top Private Law College in Noida India

To achieve the vision of providing globalized legal education in India, Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida has recruited the top class faculty across the India. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida has entered into various collaborations and exchange program, research partnerships and other forms of engagement & interaction with top institutions of law or top private law colleges in Noida, India across the globe which are willing to share their invaluable legal and intellectual resources developed over decades. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida aspires to build upon the experiences of the past and the innovations in teaching that are taking place at present to create for the future an institution of global excellence. Innovative Institute of Law is providing world class legal education to a diverse and talented body of students. There are faculty and student exchange program and academic collaboration arrangements with leading top private law colleges in India. LLB Students are provided support and training to participate in national and international moot Court competitions and other student activities. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida is also regularly hosting national and international events, conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops and round table events.

Excellent scholars are attracted from different parts of the world, including India. Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida is encouraging both traditional and innovative teaching methods to accommodate teachers coming from diverse backgrounds; it is believed that such approach to teaching will be good for BA LLB students and will be more effective. The BA LLB curriculum is modern and comparative in nature with the flexibility to introduce electives to deal with emerging legal issues in India. It has taken into account the context of globalization and market economy. As part of providing global legal education and training, students are required to obtain insights into the practical side of law and undergo internships with leading law firms, lawyers, judges and NGOs in Delhi. Education and teaching strategies are designed not only to foster a congenial and effective educational environment and produce high quality Law graduates, but also to instill in students self-confidence, self-reliance and, more importantly, a sense of commitment towards society at large.

To stimulate research, a research centre have been established to encourage Law faculty members to do research and publish on cutting edge legal issues I India and abroad. Law Faculty members are provided with competent research assistants. It is envisioned that the Law faculty will be able to attract research funding from institutions in India and abroad. Teaching and research are interlinked and mutually reinforcing. Encouraging the highest quality research activities in Law will be important for Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida and will be the main component of a Law faculty member’s duty. Law Faculty members will be expected to disseminate their research findings to the wider world of scholarship. Research is the best tool to disseminate legal knowledge. Law Faculty members will be expected and assisted to obtain research collaborations and grants from institutions in Asia and beyond. All forms of research and scholarship will be encouraged. These will include: critical analysis and interpretation of legislation and case law; highlighting practical legal issues confronting society and the individual; economy and the state; interdisciplinary and comparative study of law; and the preparation of materials or reports for submission to legislatures, courts, administrative bodies, national and international agencies.

Law Faculty members are required to publish learned books, book chapters, articles, reviews, and comments. Student instructional materials such as casebooks and course manuals on a given subject or topic published by a faculty member will also form part of that faculty member’s track record. A faculty member’s research track record is taken into account in determining which position that faculty member should be appointed to, and whether promoted. Apart from teaching and research, other academic contributions of faculty members are also fundamental to the development of an internationally reputed law school. Innovative Law College is encouraging scholarly activities by faculty members, such as lending their expertise to legislators and policy makers, inter-governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations, offering educational programs to professional bodies (including law firms) and serving on other universities and professional bodies.

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